T-Minus Three

This site is dedicated to providing clear and concise information about current space related activities. It intends to loosely follow these three objectives:

  • Cover the most recent space related news and events.
  • Create a corpus of information regarding current space activities, including organisations and operations.
  • Provide free access to the corpus of data for future projects and activities.

This site is currently a work in progress, and development of the site is ongoing. The current plan is to be operational early 2019.


If you’re looking for something to do, why not help us by submitting articles, and information to our open database.

We’re looking to collate information about space organisations, as well as space craft. If you feel up to it why not volunteer to ‘adopt’ a craft. This would involve writing reports on the current events regarding it, and maintaining the related pages on Silent Orbit.

Website Development

Silent Orbit uses a tool called Hugo to create the website, you’ll need to install this before you can help!

To create a new entry for a craft, or organisation:

hugo new craft/iss/index.md
hugo new org/esa/index.md

This will create an empty template, ready to be completed. Any images can be included within that folder, mandatory images are:



Take a look at the issue tracker for anything you might be able to help with. This keeps track of milestones and tasks for the site. Currently we’re aiming to have a first release on the 31st of March 2019

Draft Content

Content marked as draft means that there is still work left to be completed. This could be in the form of new content or proof reading. Click here for a list of draft content, ignore “archetypes” as this is just used for templates.